website security audit

Website Security Audit

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your systems have already been hit by a malicious hacker.

    Now you can't sleep at night worrying that the next attack will bring down your most critical asset — your organization's website, and, by extension, its reputation.
  • You're unsure if your IT support team can handle threats to your website and data.

    They do a great job keeping hardware and software up-to-date, but do they have the skills to ward off cybersecurity threats?
  • Your board is more concerned about digital security than ever.

    They have indicated they will hold you responsible for any breaches. You know you have to do a review of existing policies and systems, but where do you start?
  • You need to let go of a disgruntled employee.

    What's the best way to make sure they can't still access your vital digital assets and wreak havoc?

Listen to our website security podcast.

In this TTN podcast, Ernesto and Mickey discuss website security and why it should be a priority for organizations in 2020. Has your site been hacked? Would you really even know if it had been? Sometimes you need an outside expert to check your website for vulnerabilities and help you develop a cybersecurity plan. Learn more about how to protect your most valuable digital asset. 

There's a better way.

Many people with concerns about website security start by turning to free site-scanning tools. These scanners can be helpful tools, but they don't even come close to covering all the bases. Today's websites are comprised of several major systems, many of which can't be accessed by a scanning tool. These systems include:

  • Content Management System (CMS)  
  • Website Server Software  
  • Third-Party Software, Plug-Ins & Modules
  • Association Management System (AMS)  
  • Server Operating System  
  • Security Software

Through The Noise provides a manual expert-level review of your website systems' software. Then we take a look at internal policies and processes to see how well prepared you are and to surface any areas that require attention.

For example, most IT support vendors responsible for maintaining your website will report doing security upgrades to your Content Management System (think of WordPress or Drupal), but are they also informing you about upgrading the website server software or the server operating system itself? What about plug-ins or modules?

The answer is that it depends on the terms of your service-level agreement and whether or not they’re actually following through. So why not check? Our comprehensive review will help you feel assured that your organization's website — and digital reputation — are protected.


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Through the Noise Consulting supports associations, corporations, and other organizations that have data security and privacy needs. We are technology consultants with a focus on strategic communications who create, build, fix and integrate technology platforms to protect data and provide communications professionals with the tools to deliver messages to key audiences online.

Mickey Panayiotakis is the Managing Partner and Technical Director for Through The Noise Consulting. He has 25 years of experience in the Internet backbone industry. Mickey has worked for a variety of nonprofit and private sector organizations since 1995, with a commitment to process-driven management. He is an experienced leader of development and design teams with a unique capacity to translate client requirements into technical documentation and provide integral insights to clients throughout a project lifecycle.

Ernesto Gluecksmann is a Partner and Founder of Through The Noise Consulting. Ernesto has 25 years experience providing consultative services in data technologies for national and international organizations. In 2001, Ernesto founded Through The Noise Consulting and in 2013 created the Through the Noise Podcast.

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For a flat fee, we will conduct a comprehensive review of your website and produce a security audit that identifies the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current systems. If you're ready or have questions, please submit a quick form or call us at:
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